A model’s performance is not measured by the amount that a model costs. The understanding gained from years of flying helps Willow Racing models to deliver top class performance but still be fun models to fly.

By balancing the design and controls of each model, the performance is optimised not just in the wind tunnel but on the hills. Fast turns with maximum energy retention delivers models with stunning straight line speed as well as the capacity to go straight into the next manouver.

Whether you are searching out that summer thermal or ripping up the edge, the efficiency of Willow Racing models will make sure that you get the best out of your time flying. .



All Willow Racing models Have strength designed and built in from the start. Our lay-ups are aimed at having the right material in the right place to keep your model in the air for more of the time.

Our models might not be your first moldie but as flyers we know that not all flying sites are perfectly manicured and you have to have the confidence when launch your model that you will be able to land her safely. More flying, more practise and more fun!



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